Alia Whitney-Johnson
Alia Whitney-Johnson
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez
Story Officer
Bruno Carmo
Bruno Carmo
Associate for Brazil Operations
Rectangle 56
Carolina Santos
Manager of Bootcamps Operations
Catherine Partridge
Catherine Partridge
Manager of Strategic Operations
Cecilia Ulloa
Cecilia Ulloa
Manager Finance & Accounting
Rectangle 57
Daniel Velilla
Expansion Manager
Rectangle 9 (1)
David Baptista
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Rectangle 9 (2)
Diana Poma
Operations Associate for HR
Rectangle 9 (1)
Diego Ontaneda
CEO & Co-Founder
Érika Soler
Érika Soler
Junior Legal Associate
Rectangle 9 (2)
Estela Naula
Admission Junior Manager
Francesca Leon
Francesca Leon
Senior Manager Data & Technology
Rectangle 56 (1)
Horacio Báez
MEL, Data & Tech Associate
Jessica Pereira
Jessica Pereira
Junior Manager of Admissions
Karla Leyva
Karla Leyva
Expansion Manager Mexico & Central America
Lina Herrera
Lina Herrera
Manager of Mentorship Program
Rectangle 56
Marcelo Peterlini
Regional Director
Marco Machado
Marco Machado
Manager of University Placement
Oriana Torres
Oriana Torres
Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships
Paloma Ribeiro
Paloma Ribeiro
Manager of Mentorship Programs
Rectangle 9 (10)
Sol Petroni
Junior Manager for Communications
Rectangle 9 (11)
Ticiane Shiki
Director of Operations
Valeria Reyes
Valeria Reyes
Director of HR
Victor Parra
Victor Parra
Associate for Camps Operations


Rectangle 9
Debora Rebecchi
Program & Curriculum Coordinator
Rectangle 9 (9)
Sofía Giraldo
Junior Legal and Outreach Associate

Alumni Coordinators
& Staff

The Alumni Coordinators (AC) are a group of LALA students hired to work as a part-time staff member in various departments of our organization. They become Alumni Staff after one year of work. It is an ideal part-time job to have a first contact with the professional environment and work towards their goals by developing hard and soft skills, including adaptability, problem-solving, and project management.
Rectangle 9 (12)
Andressa Reis
Gabriel Xavier
Gabriel Xavier
Rectangle 9 (14)
Júlia Almeida
Rectangle 9 (15)
Júlia Peixoto
Lúcio Oliveira
Lúcio Oliveira
Luka Faccini
Luka Faccini
University Placement
Rectangle 56 (2)
Marcos Cremasco
Ecosystem, Opportunities and Alumni Engagement
Rectangle 9 (17)
Pedro Felix
MEL, Data & Tech
Rectangle 9 (22)
Tássia de Matos
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access
Rectangle 9 (23)
Thayná Luize
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access
Rectangle 9 (24)
Valentina Beneit
Hispanic Outreach

Board Members

LALA's Board helps us stay aligned with our mission by advising on strategy, supporting fundraising efforts, connecting us to partners and resources, and helping inform our work as a whole.
Rectangle 9 (28)
Alejandra Mejia R.
Head of External Affairs @ Teach for All | Co-chair
Rectangle 9 (30)
Andrew Moore
Special Counselor @ Schmidt Futures
José (Zé) Dias
José (Zé) Dias
Partner & Managing Director @ Remessa Online | C-level Executive @ EBANX
Rectangle 9 (27)
Kevin Efrusy
Partner @ Accel | Board Observer
Rectangle 9 (31)
Mariana Donangelo
Partner @ KaszeK Ventures
Rectangle 9 (32)
Molly Efrusy
President & Co-Founder @ EFF | Co-chair
Paulo Passoni
Paulo Passoni
Latin American Entrepreneur and Investor | Co-creator of Latin American $5bn Fund @ SoftBank
Rectangle 9 (29)
Rodolfo Lara
Director of Global Engagement and Programs @ The Rhodes Trust


LALA’s Advisory Board consists of a group of outstanding Latin American and global leaders who are strengthening our organization and accelerating our path to systemic impact at scale. Our Advisors provide LALA their wisdom, expertise, networks, resources, and credibility in service of our mission. Each Advisory Board relationship is unique, and Advisors do not have fiduciary responsibilities over our work.
Rectangle 9 (39)
Andrew Motiwalla
Chairman & Founder @ Terra Education
Rectangle 55 (4)
Carole Robin
Co-Founder @ Leaders in Tech
Rectangle 56 (3)
Chris Bradford
CEO & Co-Founder @ African Leadership Academy (ALA)
Rectangle 57 (3)
Denise Pope
Senior Lecturer @ Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)
Rectangle 9 (37)
Dr. Theo Dawson
Founder & Executive Director @ Lectica Inc.
Rectangle 9 (35)
Eduardo Briceño
Co-Founder & CEO @ Mindset Works
Rectangle 9 (40)
Esteban Sosnik
General Partner @ Reach Capital
Rectangle 9 (33)
Irv Grousbeck
Professor of Management @ Stanford Graduate School (GSB)
Rectangle 9 (38)
Karen Sun
Technology Advisor & Co-Founder @ Bona Ikamva | CTO @ Dwelo
Rectangle 55 (3)
Kate Kraft
Director of Academic Affairs @ African Leadership University
Rectangle 56 (4)
Leah Weiss
Lecturer @ Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)
Rectangle 57 (4)
Luis E. García de Brigard
Founder & Managing Partner. @ Appian Education Ventures
Rectangle 9 (34)
Naomi Baer
Social Venture Practitioner @ Stanford Center for S. Innovation
Rectangle 9 (36)
Ryan Phillips-Page
Founder & CEO @ Operation Water
Rectangle 9 (41)
Sebastian Mejia
Co-Founder & President @ Rappi

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