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Welcome to our applicants' page! Here you will be able to find information and resources that may be helpful to you during your application process. Ensure to check our FAQ for the most common question and reach out to [email protected] if you have any further inquiries.

Virtual Leadership Camps

The path into our community starts through our five-day Virtual Leadership Camp. The program is an intensive experience that seeks to provide the tools and support for young Latin Americans to make profound transformations in their communities and themselves.

What makes LALA Unique

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The Voice of Wisdom

Check what our alumni have to say about their experiences with our camps

Laura Tonso (VLB2)

São Paulo, Brazil

My V-Camp was a turning point for me to see the person I want to become and how much social impact has to deal with that person. For the first time in years, I am in love with my future and the things I’m capable of doing, and the people I’m able to help.

Ivanka Leporowski (VLB3)

Guatemala City, Guatemala

I would have never imagined that I would connect so deeply with people through a series of video calls. The love and power of LALA come through everywhere, and it was extremely amazing to experience being one of the first people to receive its love through a screen thanks to technology.

Sueli Zalazar (MLB1)

Asunción, Paraguay

The LALA Bootcamp is the most unforgettable experience someone can ever go through; it was the most life-changing moment for me. Being surrounded by so many passionate people is incredible; it’s an experience full of self-listening, happiness, and purpose.

Wallison Nascimento (BLB5)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

LALA was the most vivid experience for me. Learning to take ownership of my history, sharing my journey with other young people, and being with other young leaders showed me that I am not alone in the struggle to create better conditions for people in situations of social vulnerability.

Alejandra Carrasco (BLB4)

Lima, Peru

LALA is a life-changing experience. When I attended my first Bootcamp, I showed my impostor syndrome version to all my friends; but during the next days of the sessions, I discover a fact about myself: being real and committed to my learning process is the key factor to building long-term relationships with people.

Camila Ceruti (MLB1)

Blumenau, Brazil

Attending a LALA Bootcamp is much more than an opportunity: it is cultural appreciation, it is knowing that we have a purpose and we can change the world through it. Meeting so many incredible people from Latin America at LALA made me even more eager to dream and fight for a better place to live.


LALA V-Camp Trajectory Summary

Important Note for Applicants and Prospective Students: This is intended to provide an example of what to expect from the Latin American Leadership Academy Virtual Camp. The information below is tentative and subject to change.​

PHASE 1: Community Building

Students take the time to share about themselves and hear about each other in order to create a rich learning community for students and their fellow participants.

PHASE 2: Practice of Inquiry Methods

Students practice methods of inquiry that yield deeper connections and understanding of themselves and others. Through learning about strength-based approaches and interviewing each other, students practice vulnerability by speaking their truth and ultimately deepening community connections.

PHASE 3: Becoming Storytellers

Students learn the importance of crafting a narrative and the role that story plays in any leadership journey. Students internalize how to use narrative to supercharge the way they educate themselves and others, as well as to mobilize resources and communities.

PHASE 4: Becoming Problem Understanders

Students are taught a social impact approach that is focused on centralized understanding and how to proactively engage others in the process of problem understanding. This gives students the opportunity and a method to better understand their calling and to share it with others.

PHASE 5: Arriving at the Turning Point

Students take the time to share about themselves and hear about each other in order to create a rich learning community for students and their fellow participants.

PHASE 6: Closing, Final Shares & Ecosystem

Students practice vulnerability by doing a final share that enables the community to better understand who they are. The strengthened V-Camp cohort explores how to effectively transition out of meaningful experiences and use them to further grow and develop themselves and their social impact mission.

Our Selection Process

Who should apply?

Young leaders, aged 14-20 years old, who are passionate about social transformation and look forward to making a positive impact on their communities.* *For the Virtual Camp, access to the internet is needed. If you don't have consistent access to the internet but still want to attend a V-Camp, please include this piece of information in your application so LALA can make sure to better support you.

What are we looking for?

Our selection process includes leadership potential, sense of purpose, acts of service, and values alignment, as criteria. And mostly, we look for young people who demonstrated a leadership history and seek support in their process of socially impacting and giving back to the community and Latin America. We care more about your care for fostering a positive impact in your community than your grades, resumé, or test scores. We believe that each of our community members is much more than a score or how you performed on one or a collection of assessments, and while test scores may be part of your narrative, they do not tell the whole story!


You submit an application online that includes: short questions, essay prompts, video submission, and supplementary information.


After we review your application, you may be invited to a virtual interview with a member of our Admissions Team. In this round, we want to learn more about you, your passions, motivations, and your ideas.


Most applicants will receive a decision within 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LALA is a non-profit institution that seeks to promote sustainable economic development and strengthen democratic governance in Latin America by developing and connecting a new generation of principled and socially innovative leaders. Find out more about our mission and purpose on the ABOUT US PAGE.

LALA offers one entry initiative: the V-Camps. After students successfully attend the programs, they become LALumni. To keep supporting them, we created an Ecosystem network of Mentors, LALumni, and others that keeps growing! Find out more about our programs on the THE ECOSYSTEM PAGE.

No! LALA is a legal non-profit organization. Through Google, you can find articles about our work in trustworthy communication channels, such as The Bogota Post, Educación Futura, El Comercio, Estudar Fora, Escola Mobile, Brazil Reports, and Argentina Reports.

Once a student is accepted into one of the V-Camps, we will send the selected student a survey for their guardians to fill out so we can receive your contact information and forward you updates, invitations, and guidance. For example, we will send guardians a newsletter with more details about the organization and host Family Welcome Webinars in Spanish and Portuguese.

We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Please email  [email protected], and we will get back to you.

Yes! We have created the Parents Ambassador Program to connect the guardians of our alumni with the ones from prospective applicants. Please email  [email protected] to learn more about it.

Please check the OUR TEAM PAGE  to learn more about all the staff involved in organization!

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