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David Baptista

Executive Director & Co-Founder

David’s passion is helping students develop the essential dispositions, skills, habits, and values that support lifelong learning and wellness. His quest to understand education has taken him on an 18-year teaching journey. He has taught STEAM, philosophy, history, theater, SEL, and trained teachers, and consulted for schools across Brazil. He’s proud to serve on the board at Lectica and is grateful to have been selected as an Echoing Green Fellow. Cognitive science sparked his passion for education, and he is broadly interested in cultivating self-transcendent, self-regulatory practices in multicultural contexts.

​As Co-Founder and Executive Director, David aspires to bring out the best in the LALA team by listening deeply, inquiring reflexively, and celebrating growth.

7 Facts About David Baptista


I’m in love with being a new parent.


Cooking helps me relax.


I spend too much time thinking about the existential risk of AI.


I long to coach basketball and teach drama.


Granadilla is my favorite snack.


I secretly love Pixar movies and can’t wait to watch them with my daughter.


I sing when I’m alone or with loved ones.

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