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Julia Abreu

Manager for Camps Operations and Mentorship Program

Julia has a degree in International Relations from PUC-Rio, an academic exchange program at the University of California – Berkeley and a master’s degree in Peace Education from the University For Peace – UN Mandated. Throughout her life, she has participated in various programs focused on sustainability and social impact, such as Guerreiros Sem Armas and Gaia Education. A certified conflict mediator in California, Julia has also dedicated herself to entrepreneurial work, in companies such as Yunus Negócios Sociais Brasil, and projects focused on the areas of education with academic innovation, such as the development of teaching materials and teacher training in partnership with institutions such as Cultura Inglesa, Amplifica, Mapa Educação and Agência Lupa. She was an elementary and high school teacher in schools in Rio de Janeiro, working in parallel with the development and management of educational projects focused on sustainable development, such as the Noronha Plástico Zero program, EduLivre and the Tellus Institute.

7 Facts About Julia Abreu


I don't have any jeans in my closet.


I'm passionate about studying Restorative Justice because it gives me the opportunity to investigate what it's like to live in a world that doesn't yet exist but that I want to build.


I read every day, even if it's just for 5 minutes.


I love cycling.


I've lived in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica and briefly in Argentina and Hungary.


I decided I was going to live in the countryside and in a month and a half I had already made the move.


I love to cook and I'm the type who makes everything from scratch and usually from plants.