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LALA's Community

LALA’s Community provides tailored support for your leadership journey from the moment you enter after successfully completing a Camp. The Community includes programs and opportunities such as mentorship sessions, virtual learning clubs, career development programs, and a support network of exceptional young leaders.

Participating in our Virtual Camps is the entry point to these development opportunities.

Experience a tight-knit and productive cohort. Become part of a highly selective cohort of innovative young leaders passionate about positively impacting their communities. Learn more about the leader you are when in contact with others!

Develop new skills and abilities. Gain a deeper understanding of your passions, values, and motivations to enhance personal and professional growth. Our programs cover soft skills and hard skills, from public speaking to analytical reasoning and more!

Membership in the LALA Community. Joining the LALA community grants you continuous access to global development opportunities, scholarships, resources, and more


What are LALA's Program Units?

At LALA, we are always striving to improve the way we serve our community of LALíderes. We have introduced a new Program Unit structure that allows us to categorize our initiatives and opportunities. Each Program Unit has an overarching objective and strategy, which is derived from the overall organizational mission and strategy, which in turn directly influences the strategy of the Initiatives within the Program Unit. We believe that this change will enable us to better meet the needs of our diverse and growing community of LALíderes, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on their learning journeys.

High Impact Careers

The High Impact Careers provide access to a career superhighway where LALíderes expand and accelerate their unique leadership and social impact pathways. We accomplish this by deeply understanding their needs and dynamically adapting our curation of resources, connections, and opportunities to meet them at all stages of their journey.

  • Mentorship Program
  • University Placement Initiative

Trainee Programs

The Trainee Programs exist to provide comprehensive and transformative learning experiences that empower LALíderes with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the fields of work that interest them. We accomplish this by creating practical and experiential learning opportunities within real-world, supportive, and inclusive work settings.

  • LALíderes Data & Tech Team (LDTT)
  • Translation Team
  • Media Production
  • Alumni Coordinator/Staff Program


The Camps exist to awaken our young leaders’ agency for their leadership trajectory. We accomplish this by creating an experience that acts as the catalyst to expanding our LALíderes’ perceptions of themselves and what’s possible in terms of their change-making journey.

  • Camp Staff: Coach
  • Camp Staff: Floater Manager
  • Camp Staff: Trainee Manager

What's changed?

In our previous Ecosystem, all initiatives were centralized, meaning programs were delivered on the same life cycle. In our growing community, we know that this model does not effectively give each initiative the platform and autonomy to thrive and deliver optimal impact. We decided to revitalize our system and empower each initiative to flourish independently by creating a system whereby each initiative has greater autonomy and flexibility when it comes to delivery to give the best learning experience to our LALíderes. We believe in the power of tailored approaches, where individual programs can cater to the unique needs of our participants.

LALA's Initiatives

LALA provides internal and external opportunities that aim to continually support LALíderes throughout their leadership journey. Once you attend a Leadership Camp, make sure to always check your email and LALA’s communication channels for upcoming opportunities and events.

It is only possible to access LALA’s Community after attendance at one of our Camps. We have three application cycles annually that the majority of our initiatives fall under. Whenever a new application process starts, you’ll receive all the details you need in your email. Additionally, the link to apply to them will always be available on our website and social media platforms throughout the whole application cycle. In order to find more information regarding the objectives, durations, and application process of each of the initiatives you can be part of as a LALíder, navigate through the icons below!

Admissions Officer

Admissions Officer Coordinator

Camp Staff: Coach

Camp Staff: Floater Manager

Camp Staff: Trainee Manager

Data & Technology Team

DEIAB Committee

Fundraising Mentorship Program

Media Production


Mentorship Program

Opportunities Team

Support Program

Translation Team

University Placement



LALA is a non-profit institution that seeks to promote sustainable economic development and strengthen democratic governance in Latin America by developing and connecting a new generation of principled and socially innovative leaders. Find out more about our mission and purpose on the About Us page.

A LALíder is the name that the community voted for to call themselves: the young leaders who have been through a LALA Camp. No one has to apply to be a LALíder. After their Camp experience, they are already embraced by our community and can officially participate in other LALA programs.

The Community is what covers all the organization’s activities to generate impact, such as our Virtual Camps but also LALA’s Initiatives, which can be accessed by our LALíderes to support their leadership journey from the moment they finish their Camp.

Also known as PU’s, they are the strategic categorization that allows us to divide our initiatives and opportunities in a way that offers greater flexibility, autonomy, and, therefore, the overall impact of each of our initiatives than our previous model. Right now, we have three PUs: High Impact careers, Trainee Programs, and Camps.

If you are a LALíder, we have several opportunities among our initiatives that might be perfect for you! Each selection process is customized to the responsibilities, specificities (like age and language), and skills that the initiatives require, and details about these can be found in the LALA’s Initiatives section and in our official communications sent via email, Slack, and social media.

If you are already a LALíder (meaning you have completed an in-person or V-Camp program), you have unlimited access to apply to all of our educational programs. If you want to be a partner or mentor, please check the details here.

Yes. Our goal is to offer support and a learning journey for everyone in our community, and the internal selection processes are a strategy for us to allocate our forces and fit all the talents in the most efficient way possible, following some limitations that the opportunities may require such as age, language, etc. The link to apply to them will be available on our website and social media platforms during the application cycles. In order to find more information regarding the objectives, durations, and application process of each of the initiatives you can be part of as a LALíder, navigate through the LALA’s Initiatives section.

Yes. Although we do not recommend that you participate in too many initiatives at once in order not to overload yourself and take full advantage of them. You are free to participate in different initiatives at the same time as long as you are accepted in the selection process.

We would love to answer any questions that you may have. Please email  [email protected] for general questions, and we will get back to you. If you have any questions regarding one of our Initiatives, you can also check our team members and contact directly who is responsible for it!

Please check the Our Team page to learn more about all the staff involved in our Camps and in other departments.

Yes. Some initiatives offer monetary compensation per hour, and this detail is always informed in the description of the initiative.

No. These initiatives are part of the Community, and after you enter it through the Virtual Camps, you will have access to benefit from all of them following our selection processes.

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