Myrian Castello

Consultant for Camps

I am Myrian Castello, a social entrepreneur and activist for the right to dream, working to make dreaming a recognized human right and an essential part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Raised in the countryside of Brazil, I founded Dream Factory (Fábrica dos Sonhos) to inspire change and provide opportunities for those in rural, countryside, and marginalized areas. On this path, I met LALA and fell in love with where I want to be, as well as to improve lives in Latin America. With a background in cooperative pedagogy and culture of peace, I have worked extensively with youth and women entrepreneurship, socio-emotional education, and community development. I have participated in international leadership programs and a conference at the United Nations in NY. My work focuses on promoting the right to dream for all, addressing issues such as brain drain, school dropout, lack of access to quality education, inequalities, and poverty while seeking innovative solutions for a fairer and more prosperous world. I believe people, dreams, and education can change the world.

7 Facts About Myrian Castello


I have been vegetarian for 11 years.


I am expecting a baby.


I love to be an activist.


I like to sing.


I never thought I would walk into the UN one day, and it was one of the biggest realizations of my life.


I love to support people to achieve their dreams, and I am really committed to transforming it into law, in a universal human right and the 18th SDG.


I had the craziest adventures around the world in places I would never have imagined to be, and it could be a book one day (who knows).

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