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Ticiane Shiki

Director of Operations

Tici has always been drawn to social causes, volunteering, and serving communities but had never imagined that she could make a living out of it. After working in the private sector in several different roles (such as accounting and controlling, digital marketing manager, and advisor to a company’s CEO, amongst others), Tici was happy to realize her life’s dream of working at nonprofits. She was first a volunteer and later on the Strategic and Finance Manager of Cidadão Pró-Mundo, a nonprofit organization that promotes equal opportunities in Brazil by teaching English to under-served communities. Then she went on to Projeto Gauss as the Operational Manager, leading the team to change young students’ lives through access to higher education. Tici is from São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived there all her life, except when she engaged in exchange programs in England and France. Tici met her husband at the University of São Paulo when they were both studying Economics, and now they have two cats- Maui and Maya.

7 Facts About Ticiane Shiki


I love everything related to water: waterfalls, going to the beach, swimming, even drinking it!


When deciding on my graduation course, I wanted to do International Relations because I love connecting to other cultures and traveling, but my wish to be financially independent soon led me to choose Economics.


My cause is to make social impact happen, especially through Education.


I collect postcards because they remind me that the world is big and diverse.


My favorite kind of books are biographies and business ones. I accept recommendations!


I'm into having new life experiences and learning new things.


I'm not a big fan of sweets, but you can trust me, I'm a nice person!

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