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We are very excited about your interest in being part of this team that has already impacted over 2000 lives throughout Latin America. Whether it's career progression, learning, purpose, ability to influence the organization, shape your role, or networks you might build, we want to partner with you to maximize mutual growth.


our recruitment process

The total hiring process can last around 1-3 months, depending on the role.



Read the full job description on our website and fill out the application form with your resume and other information to get to know you better



All candidates will undergo an internal screening. This process is essential to ensure minimum compliance with the proposed criteria for each of our positions.


first interview (with hr)

You will have the opportunity to dive into the position's challenges and how we work on developing our people while also telling us how your skills can contribute to our purpose of impacting Latin America!



A work sample will help us understand your working methods, use of resources, and skills.

Obs.: for some positions only.


other interviews

Depending on the level of seniority of the position, the role will require extra interviews with the manager of the department or with the Leadership Team at LALA.


final decision

At each stage of the recruitment process, you will receive an email either approving you and providing directions for the next stage or informing you that, at the moment, we feel our expectations are not aligned.

not approved candidates

Suppose you do not proceed in our process. In that case, it is not necessarily because you need to improve on something but because our team did not identify the appropriate fit for the specific position you applied for. Please know that if this happens, our doors will remain open, and we will keep you in our talent pool for future opportunities that match your career stage.

our virtues

Passion for impact. Is truly here for the mission and to push the change that LALA is spearheading. Obsessed with understanding the theory of change. Needs to be working on this problem and has a compelling relationship with the mission.

Grounded in personal development. Skilled at leading and participating in perspective-taking. Demonstrates inclusive but practical approaches to multi-stakeholder problems. Deeply investigates knotted contexts in order to untangle for themselves and others.

Care & commitment to each other. Attentive and inquiring about each other’s professional and emotional needs. Caring enough to be clear about providing and asking for work expectations.

Seeks to understand. Works on understanding and developing awareness: emotional, social, reactive. Questions their current self-awareness.

Obsessed with mastery. Forever curious, obsessed with investigating and iterating on knowledge. Humble in the pursuit of knowledge with a beginner's mindset.

open jobs

Coordenador(a) I de Mentoria e Operações de Acampamentos

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at LALA. Faced with a history of elitism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and discrimination in Latin America, we seek to contribute to a change of scenery not only through LALA but within LALA. We value diversity of identities, lived experiences, skills, perspectives, and worldviews. Diversity will make us stronger and wiser. We know that our diversity will inspire more young Latin Americans to aim for even greater goals. Therefore, we encourage interested candidates from historically underrepresented identities and communities in leadership roles to apply for this and all other positions at LALA!

Estela Naula

Junior Manager for Admissions

I come from a small town in Lichinga, Mozambique (Southern Africa), where young people need opportunities to join communities like LALA but can’t due to lack of access. Being at LALA allows me to support young people in raising funds so they can pursue their dreams. That way, I am helping young Estelinha, who didn’t have the same support. If you are looking for a community that, regardless of your background, is there to hug you, join our community. At LALA, we celebrate your essence, support your dreams, and ensure you achieve your highest potential in your personal, professional, and academic journey. Join LALA, and you are not alone.

Paloma Flores

Manager for Human Resources Brazil

LALA is a special organization where people are genuinely the focus of all our actions! Our team shows exceptional care and affection, both for each other and for the young people we support, and our daily commitment is to positively impact Latin America by promoting issues such as leadership, humanity, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship. In just one year, I feel that I have learned and grown immensely, having the opportunity to put my purpose into practice alongside great talents!

Bruno Carmo

Associate for Brazil Operations

As a LALíder who joined the LALA Team, I quickly discovered a vibrant community that embodies the principles we learned during the Camp. Here, I encountered a professionally stimulating and dynamic atmosphere alongside an enriching learning environment that supported my personal growth with the support of my colleagues. Guided by a deep connection with our shared mission of fostering positive change and empowering young people across the continent, we are focused every day on ensuring the students we serve will lead the change for tomorrow!

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