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Get involved with LALA and join us in transforming Latin America.

Our Founders’ Philosophy is that work at LALA is a partnership, not just a job

Whether it's career progression, learning, your purpose, your ability to influence the organization, your ability to shape your role, or networks you might build, we want to partner with you to maximize mutual growth.


Our Recruitment Process

Please consider the total hiring process can last around 1-3 months, depending on the role.

PHASE 1: Application

Read the full job description on our website and fill out the application form.

PHASE 2: Requirements

Submit your resumé/CV and cover letter.

PHASE 3: First Contact

After reviewing your application, we will make the first contact to get to know you better and confirm alignment with the position you applied for.

PHASE 4: Assignment

A work sample will help us to understand your ways of working, use of resources, and skills.

PHASE 5: Interviews

An opportunity to tell us to explore your past experiences, skills, and future goals. Expect to have up to three interviews.

PHASE 6: Final Call

The last interview is virtues-focused rather than skills-focused, as the previous interviews have been. This is the final step to determine a cultural fit for you at LALA.

Our Virtues

Passion for impact. Is truly here for the mission and to push the change that LALA is spearheading. Obsessed with understanding the theory of change. Needs to be working on this problem and has a compelling relationship with the mission.

Grounded in personal development. Skilled at leading and participating in perspective-taking. Demonstrates inclusive but practical approaches to multi-stakeholder problems. Deeply investigates knotted contexts in order to untangle for themselves and others.

Care & commitment to each other. Attentive and inquiring about each other’s professional and emotional needs. Caring enough to be clear about providing and asking for work expectations.

Seeks to understand. Works on understanding and developing awareness: emotional, social, reactive. Questions their current self-awareness.

Obsessed with mastery. Forever curious, obsessed with investigating and iterating on knowledge. Humble in the pursuit of knowledge with a beginner's mindset.

Open Jobs

There are no positions open the time.

If you don’t find a job opportunity that matches what you are looking for, please join our general hiring pool.​

Kara Johnson

Chief of Staff

What initially attracted me to LALA was the mission of bottom-up development in Latin America and being able to work towards macro-level, systemic change while also being directly connected to the people impacted. What still attracts me today is the incredible professional learning experience, working with passionate, intelligent people, and being inspired by the brightest students you could imagine.

Daniel Velilla

Operations Team Member

As a Latino, we are oftentimes frustrated by what happens on our continent on a daily basis. Working at LALA allows me to put all my energy around causes I strongly believe in, relieve some of that frustration, and know that I’m actively helping build a better and stronger continent.

Aarati Rao

Director of MEL

Three words that come to mind when I think about my experience working at LALA are — Learning, Growth, and Community. It is a privilege to work alongside brilliant individuals I can call my colleagues & friends who care for our students, love learning, have a commitment to excellence, and who want to make this world a better place.

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