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On this page, you will find all information needed regarding financial aid, such as scholarships and fundraising, and applicant support, in which we help you complete your application for the Leadership Camp.

LaLa's financial aid

The application process to our Leadership Camps can be an exciting learning experience but can also bring feelings like anxiety or insecurities. It’s normal to think that you are not enough to get in or that you don’t have the financial means. That’s why we created a series of initiatives to support you throughout the application process. We are together on this journey!


the process

Yes, the price of the Leadership Camp might sound scary for some applicants. But don’t worry! We offer need-based financial aid, which means we provide scholarships based on the applicant's economic situation and their family, not on their merit (like projects, grades, or awards). Besides the scholarships we provide, many students complement it with the Fundraising Program.



Applicants fill out the Financial Aid form after applying for the Leadership Camps. Please be honest and request the financial aid you truly need, so applicants who need more economic support can get it.



We have a need-blind application process, which means we don’t consider applicants' financial situation when deciding whether they get accepted.



The Financial Aid Team calculates the scholarships for each candidate. The model considers factors such as family income (total and per capita) and the proportion of all admitted students in the season to provide the distribution of scholarships in the most equitable way possible.



Acceptance letter is sent with a scholarship offer. Applicants can receive a wide range of scholarships, from none to 100%, depending on their situation and the financial aid available. If you don’t get the scholarship you were expecting, give it a chance! Keep reading to check all the resources we have for you.

90% of the applicants receive financial aid.

fundraising program

In this program, we offer accepted students the support, mentorship, guidance, and a community environment to collect the funds to be part of the Leadership Camps.

To participate, you don’t need to have any experience in fundraising. Just be committed to learning!

The program runs for four weeks after applicants are accepted, where we focus on supporting you on how to:

  • Tell your story;
  • Create and promote a crowdfunding campaign online;
  • Build your network;
  • Find ways to move forward with your fundraising campaign independently;
  • Connect with other accepted students.

Maria Clara Almeida


I had the opportunity to be part of a family that was willing to help each other. I also met Estella, an amazing person and part of the LALA Staff who motivated and made me feel excited. The fundraising program had a lot of learning, from the fundraising process to self-knowledge.



I loved meeting with students from different LatAm countries who shared the same ambitions and desires. During the working sessions, I not only met participants from my Camp but also from other Cohorts. The written information and video tutorials made by the facilitators helped me extensively to guide me in creating the crowdfunding campaign.

information Session: What is LaLa?

Do you want to know more about LALA, our Camps, our programs, and how to be part of how to be part of the community that will transform Latin America? Check the recording of the information session we had in your preferred language. We had our first session on February 21st!

open week

The Open Week is a 5-day long online event where you can learn more about the Leadership Camps, how to apply for financial aid, and the LALA Community. It happened from the 26th of February to the 4th of March. Watch the recordings below in your preferred language!

office hours

These are video calls in which applicants can ask the Admissions Department questions. We hold these spaces both in Spanish and Portuguese. You can bring anything from technical issues with the platform to how to write your essay. Don’t be shy. We are here to help!

familly support

Ok, you attended all these events but don’t know how to convince your guardians about how awesome LALA is? Our last day of the Open Week was focused on introducing LALA to our guardians! Watch the recording below in your preferred language below.


We don’t want cost to be an obstacle. The final investment will depend on the results of your selection process and the Financial Aid Form. Our program fees range from $50 – $500. The investment for the Camp provides lifetime access to the LALA community and resources.

The Financial Aid team at LALA considers all the demonstrated needs from the financial information shared by the candidates during their application (Financial Form), respecting the regulation on Data Policy, to calculate the scholarships to each candidate. The model considers factors such as family income (total and per capita) and the proportion of all admitted students in the season to provide the distribution of scholarships in the most equitable way possible.

Briefly, lower-income applicants are more likely to receive scholarships, but 90% of the applicants receive a certain amount of financial aid.

As a nonprofit organization that develops the emerging leaders of Latin America, we encourage you to take on our Fundraising Program. We also provide webinars and resources to help you figure out how to raise funds to cover the costs of your Camp.

For Brazilian students, the options available are:

  • Bank slip;
  • PIX;
  • Full credit card payment;
  • Credit card payment divided into installments.

All of these options will be available within the link you receive from ASAAS on your email. In case you did not receive it, search for emails from the domain “” on your main inbox, trash and spam. In case you do not find it, please contact [email protected].

For non-Brazilian students, the options vary according to the country. The ones available are:


  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through Pago Fácil and Rapi Pago.


  • Bank transfer through Banco Nacional de Bolivia.


  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit cards;
  • Cash payment through Servipag, Dale Coopeuch, Prepago Los Héroes, Superdigital and Tenpo.


  • Bank transfer;
  • PSE;
  • Credit cards.
  • Cash payment through Efecty.

Costa Rica

  • Cash payment through Exprés and Tucan.


  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through Pago Efectivo, Almacenes Tía, Banco Amazonas, Coac 29 de Octubre, Facilito, Farmacias 911, Mi Comisariato, Mi Negocio Efectivo, OroCash, Ponle+, Servientrega and Western Union.


  • Cash payment through Akisí.


  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through OXXO,


  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through Pago Efectivo, Agente KasNet, Agente Red Digital, Caja Arequipa, Dale, Disashop, Fullcarga, Niubiz Multiservicios, Peru Express – MoneyGram, Tambo+ and Western Union.


  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through Pago Express.


  • Credit and debit cards;
  • Cash payment through Redpagos.

All of these options will be available in the link you receive from DLOCAL in your email. In case you did not receive it in your main inbox, please check your spam and trash folders. In case you do not find it, please contact [email protected].

You have until 10 days before your Camp starts to confirm the payment, but the exact deadline will be described in the email you will receive with the payment information.

The price of the camp is informed in the acceptance letter. You will receive the link for payment in your e-mail, directly from ASAAS if you are from Brazil or from DLOCAL if you are not from Brazil. Make sure you check your SPAM in the email registered for your application to LALA, because the email with the link for payment may be there.

LALA is aware of the different needs of each one of you, so if you have any problem making the indicated payment, we ask that you let us know by following the instruction given in the email that we sent you with the initial payment. We will do our best to work together with you and make your participation possible, including supporting you with the Fundraising Program. Unfortunately, if, even with all the efforts, you are not able to make and confirm the payment at least one week before your v-camp starts, you won’t be able to participate in it. We then encourage you to try to participate in another season, when you are able to raise the funds necessary.

LALA already offers scholarships and differentiated prices for every student accepted in the V-Camps. However, if you still need support to make the payment, LALA offers a Fundraising Program, that aims to teach and collaborate with students on how to raise money by themselves.

In case you cannot attend anymore due to justified reasons (and informed the Bootcamps team by filling out the proper form), after you have already paid, please contact the Financial Aid team and we will analyze your case and the possibility of refund, because it may vary according to the country, means of payment and other factors.

LALA believes in the value and importance of each student contributing to participate in the V-Camp and entering the Ecosystem. However, we understand that some students may not be able to make any contribution at all. Therefore LALA can offer a full scholarship for them, a decision that is analyzed by the Financial Aid Department and approved by the organization’s leadership. To all others who can make the payments proposed, we encourage them to do so because otherwise, they will not be able to participate in the v-camp.

The Financial Aid team at LALA takes into account all the financial information shared by the candidates, respecting the regulation on Data Policy, to calculate the scholarships to each candidate. The model considers factors such as family income (total and per capita) and the proportion of all admitted students in the season to provide the distribution of scholarships in the most equitable way possible.

Similar to many world-known universities, the Financial Aid Model seeks to balance the costs of the programs with differentiated prices charged, according to each candidate’s financial situation. This way, those with higher family income are able to pay more, are those who aren’t, can receive scholarships that support them in their entrance to the program.

Unfortunately no. Only students who have paid the fee will be able to access the V-Camps. If you need more time to organize yourself to make the payment, we advise you to try to change to a later V-Camp.

Please check your Arrival Guide, all the information you need is there, including your Trainee Managers’ emails.

Yes! You will be able to divide it into 3 installments in Brazil, through credit and debit card, and in other countries, it will vary according to dLocal’s availability for this method in each country.

Your parents can get in touch with [email protected]. Furthermore, there will be at least 2 webinars to answer any questions regarding Financial Aid that students and parents might have after receiving the acceptance letter. Dates will be posted soon.

All prices are set in US dollars. You will receive a fixed exchange rate in your acceptance letter – which will be the same on the last payment day.

The payment to participate in the V-Camp is a way of guaranteeing your participation and it serves not only to increase your commitment and allow an entrance to LALA’s Ecosystem with dozens of opportunities, but also to support the costs that the program has, mainly with the staff that works facilitating, organizing, coaching, creating materials, and providing technical support to all. Currently, LALA employs more than 120 people during each Bootcamp season and is able to provide leadership development for around 500 students from all over Latin America. As LALA is a non-profit, all revenue from the programs is reinvested, collaborating for the sustainability of the organization.

So far, LALA hasn’t been able to facilitate payments from Venezuela, but we’re working on it. If this is your case, please contact the Financial Aid Team directly so we can analyze any available options at the moment.

No, no one needs to create an account in ASAAS, because the Brazilian system is used only to generate the payment link to each person. All you have to do is access the link sent to your email and make the payment according to the available options there.

If you have general inquiries, feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Please name the email subject in the following way: Name/Matter (e.g., Maria/Interview Problem).

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