Financial Aid & Applicant Support

On this page, you will find all information needed regarding financial aid, such as scholarships and fundraising, and applicant support, in which we help you complete your application for the Leadership Camp.

LALA's Financial Aid

The application process to our Leadership Camps can be an exciting learning experience but can also bring feelings like anxiety or insecurities. It’s normal to think that you are not enough to get in or that you don’t have the financial means. That’s why we created a series of initiatives to support you throughout the application process. We are together on this journey!


The Process

Yes, the price of the Leadership Camp might sound scary for some applicants. But don’t worry! We offer need-based financial aid, which means we provide scholarships based on the applicant's economic situation and their family, not on their merit (like projects, grades, or awards). Besides the scholarships we provide, many students complement it with the Fundraising Program.

PHASE 1: Application

Applicants fill out the Financial Aid form after applying for the Leadership Camps. Please be honest and request the financial aid you truly need, so applicants who need more economic support can get it.

PHASE 2: Review

We have a need-blind application process, which means we don’t consider applicants' financial situation when deciding whether they get accepted.

PHASE 3: Calculation

The Financial Aid Team calculates the scholarships for each candidate. The model considers factors such as family income (total and per capita) and the proportion of all admitted students in the season to provide the distribution of scholarships in the most equitable way possible.

PHASE 4: Decision

Acceptance letter is sent with a scholarship offer. Applicants can receive a wide range of scholarships, from none to 100%, depending on their situation and the financial aid available. If you don’t get the scholarship you were expecting, give it a chance! Keep reading to check all the resources we have for you.

90% of the applicants receive financial aid.

Fundraising Program

In this program, we offer accepted students the support, mentorship, guidance, and a community environment to collect the funds to be part of the Leadership Camps.

To participate, you don’t need to have any experience in fundraising. Just be committed to learning!

The program runs for four weeks after applicants are accepted, where we focus on supporting you on how to:

  • Tell your story;
  • Create and promote a crowdfunding campaign online;
  • Build your network;
  • Find ways to move forward with your fundraising campaign independently;
  • Connect with other accepted students.

Maria Clara Almeida


I had the opportunity to be part of a family that was willing to help each other. I also met Estella, an amazing person and part of the LALA Staff who motivated and made me feel excited. The fundraising program had a lot of learning, from the fundraising process to self-knowledge.



I loved meeting with students from different LatAm countries who shared the same ambitions and desires. During the working sessions, I not only met participants from my Camp but also from other Cohorts. The written information and video tutorials made by the facilitators helped me extensively to guide me in creating the crowdfunding campaign.

Application support for black and indigenous students

LALA understands that the pathways to opportunity are broken for most, especially for black, indigenous, or otherwise marginalized individuals. That’s why we have created a program where applicants from these communities will receive special mentorship, guidance, and training at the moment of completing their application. We’ll pair you up with a LALíder (a student who already went to a Leadership Camp), and this person will guide you through the application process (from the beginning until the final decision). Sign-up below before July 10th.

LALA Call: Be the change, lead the change

LALA opens its doors again! At this event, we will talk about the opportunities that LALA offers and present a panel of young LALíderes who will tell us how they are impacting the region and how you can do it too. Register below in your preferred language.

  • Spanish: June 1st, 17:30 – 18:30 (COT)
  • Portuguese: June 1st, 20:30 – 21:30 (BRT)

Information Session: What is LALA?

We will have an information session to talk about LALA in general: our Camps, the programs, and how to be part of the community that will transform Latin America!

  • Spanish: June 8, 17:30 – 18:30 (COT)
  • Portuguese: June 12, 19:00 – 20:00 (BRT)

Open Week

The Open Week is a 5-day long online event where you can learn more about the Leadership Camps, how to apply for financial aid and the LALA community. It will happen from June 26th to June 29th. Register below in your preferred language.

  • June 26th: LALA’s ABC;
  • June 27th: Financial aid;
  • June 28th: How to stand out in your application;
  • June 29th: LALA after Camps.

Office Hours

During the application process, we offer office hours open to any applicant. These are video calls in which applicants can ask their questions to the Admissions Department. You can bring anything from technical issues you might have with the platform to how to write your essay. Don’t be shy. We are here to help!

  • June 29th, July 4th, and July 6th: 16:00 – 17:00 (COT) | 18:00 – 19:00 (BRT);
  • July 1st: 12:00 – 16:00 (COT) | 14:00 – 18:00 (BRT);
  • July 10th: 15:00 – 19:00 (COT) | 17:00 – 21:00 (BRT).

Familly Support

Ok, you attended all these events but don’t know how to convince your guardians about how awesome LALA is? We got you. Click on the button below to learn all about the support we offer for guardians.


We don’t want cost to be an obstacle. The final investment will depend on the results of your selection process and the Financial Aid Form, but it will be within the following range:

  • Virtual Camp: $50 – $500

The investment for the Camps includes lifetime access to the Community.

The Financial Aid team at LALA considers all the demonstrated needs from the financial information shared by the candidates during their application (Financial Form), respecting the regulation on Data Policy, to calculate the scholarships to each candidate. The model considers factors such as family income (total and per capita) and the proportion of all admitted students in the season to provide the distribution of scholarships in the most equitable way possible.

Briefly, lower-income applicants are more likely to receive scholarships, but 90% of the applicants receive a certain amount of financial aid. For more details on this topic, check the Financial Aid page.

You will receive your payment link a few weeks after your admission letter.

The payment for participating in the Camp is a way of guaranteeing your participation, and it serves not only to increase your commitment and allow an entrance to LALA’s Ecosystem with dozens of opportunities but also to support the costs that the program has, mainly with the staff that works facilitating, organizing, coaching, creating materials, and providing technical support to all. Currently, LALA employs more than 120 people during each Camp season and is able to provide leadership development for around 500 students from all over Latin America. As LALA is a non-profit, all revenue from the programs is reinvested, collaborating for the sustainability of the organization.

As a nonprofit organization that develops the emerging leaders of Latin America, we encourage you to take on our Fundraising Program. We also provide webinars and resources to help you figure out how to raise funds to cover the costs of your Camp.

If you have further inquiries, feel free to reach out to: 

Please make sure to name the email subject in the following way: Name/Matter (e.g., Maria/Interview Problem).

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