Cristina Umani

Cristina Umani

Chief Operating Officer

Cristina Umani, a purpose-driven leader, brings over 14 years of influential international leadership experience in both corporate and third-sector realms. With a strong commitment to transformational leadership development as a catalyst for societal change, Cristina excels in shaping organizations holistically and strategically to enhance their impact and performance.

Cristina has consistently aligned strategy development with operational execution, engaging stakeholders for transformations. Previously serving as Director at BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, European Venture Philanthropy Association, and Compliance Expert at BMW Financial Services for instances, Cristina has demonstrated exceptional leadership in both large teams and organizations.

Her expertise extends to stakeholder management and designing and leading transformational leadership programs and community activation on a global scale. It also includes leading organizations through complex mergers and organization-wide change management processes. Furthermore, Cristina held senior consulting roles, guiding numerous impact organizations in Europe and Latin America through strategic, operational development, and fundraising initiatives. 

As LALA’s Global COO, Cristina aspires to shape and serve LALA Global and its hubs in this exciting new phase of growth, leveraging her expertise to enhance impact and empower its team to reach new heights.

7 Facts About Cristina Umani


I can't help but do little happy dances when something excites me.


Despite my gluten intolerance, I can't resist pizza at any time of the day.


Cooking for family and friends is one of my greatest pleasures.


As a child, I dreamed of becoming a prosecutor and fighting the Mafia in Italy.


Spirituality has always been and continues to be a significant part of my life.


Despite my love for socializing, I'm actually an introvert at heart.


My happy place is usually found in nature, whether it's by the beach, in the mountains, or amidst the tranquility of the desert.