Francesca Leon

Francesca Leon

Senior Manager Data & Technology

Fran is passionate about social development initiatives around the world. She has worked in nonprofit organizations for most part of her professional career, but she also has recent experience in for-profit companies. After graduating with a bachelor of Business Engineering from Universidad del Pacífico in Perú, Fran decided to focus her career on data management and analysis systems. Before joining LALA, she worked at Laboratoria, Rappi, and Hunty, where she was responsible for measuring the impact these organizations are having on their ecosystems through the strategic use of data. Fran’s mission is to combine all her learnings from both the private and social sectors to apply them in her position as Senior Manager of Data and Technology at LALA and push the organization’s impact further. She wants to contribute to the region’s development by being involved in educational initiatives that create opportunities for all.

7 Facts About Francesca Leon


I am obsessed with my country. I love Perú and especially the national football team and our food (please google tacu tacu).


I am really good at finding cheap flights.


I have a very big family for this generation. We are 6 siblings. Additionally, I have 2 nephews and 4 nieces… and counting.


I love to build LEGOs. I buy a LEGO Architecture set once in a while and enjoy all the construction processes. I have almost 10 LEGO buildings in my house.


I really like to learn things, regardless of the topic. But I have the worst memory. If I don’t regularly practice what I learned, I will need to learn it again.


I am a big fan of food. The bad thing is that I usually don’t know how to stop when I start eating.


I feel that the beach is my home. There is no better place for me than a spot next to the sea.

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