Horacio Báez

Horacio Báez

MEL, Data & Tech Associate

Born in Paraguay, Horacio is passionate about music (with emphasis on lyrics), martial arts, numbers, and analytics. After being part of an English program at 17, discovered his passion for social impact and leadership. Became a LALumni at 19 and is grateful to the organization for being in some of the most important parts of his life. Currently on a journey to discover his passions and how many careers can fit in one lifetime. Experience in financial analysis, impact measurement, and poetry writing.

As an Alumni Coordinator for Data and Tech, Horacio ensures that data collection and analysis processes are streamlined. Focus mainly on finding insights in the data to feed the LALA strategies and test the Theory of Change. His main goal is to constantly test hypotheses and help improve LALA’s offer with an evidence-based approach.

7 Facts About Horacio Báez


Music is my most important school in life. If I ever advise you on something, I’ll probably bring a phrase from a song.


I love rap music. I’ll probably one day start to drop songs rapping.


I have 6 small dogs and wherever I go I like to pet and hug the dogs I find.


Fan of greek and Egyptian mythology since an early age.


Eating tasty food is my favorite activity in the world by far.


I love learning new languages because you can infer cultural aspects from it.


I have a long list of anime to watch and, despite having 1,000+ episodes, I think One Piece is totally worth it.

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