Bruno Carmo

Bruno Carmo

Associate for Brazil Operations

Aged 20 and born in Bahia, Brazil, Bruno is on a mission to conquer the right to dream. By promoting transforming education through the third sector and structural public policy, he aims to create technological and social innovations that will change lives. He is passionate about data science and social entrepreneurship. As a public school student, his path and aspirations were constantly curtailed by structural and financial barriers. That changed at the Federal Institute of Bahia, IFBA, where he graduated from high school and earned his Information Technology technician degree. There, he engaged in scientific research on sociolinguistics and data science. He also built professional experience on an accounting firm’s tech operations front for one year. In recognition of his research, he was chosen in 2020 by the US State Department as a Youth Ambassador. In the Program, he developed leadership, project management and entrepreneurship skills in DC, visited several nonprofits, and lived with a lovely host family in Raleigh, NC. That experience profoundly impacted him. Bruno also works voluntarily as Executive Director of Globalizando, a nonprofit that promotes transforming language learning in Brazil. Previously, he worked as Director of Community for 2 years, when he led interaction and opportunity initiatives that impacted more than 1,500 members.

Bruno is the main person for the operations of our nonprofit entity in Brazil, managing our local systems and supporting our relationships with local vendors and contractors. He ensures that we comply with local laws and regulations and operate as efficiently as possible. Bruno also helps us build systems to strengthen LALA’s operational excellence as a whole.

7 Facts About Bruno Carmo


I had to teach myself English. Yet, for me, human languages exist in order to create meaningful connections, share feelings, and to perpetuate knowledge and experiences. I firmly believe that no one should have to learn alone as their only option.


For me, listening to 'Clube da Esquina' by Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges is a prerequisite for a good day.


I love to travel! I was the first in my family history to travel abroad. In 2020, I left Bahia and Brazil for the first time and took my first flight – which was soon followed by 7!


I have a dream of becoming a pianist one day. I will resume my studies as soon as possible!


Working for social impact is what makes my eyes shine and my heart beats. At the LALA family, I feel right at home!


I am terribly obsessed with 3 stories – 'Twin Peaks' and 'The X-Files' are the absolute best in television, and reading 'The Sandman' always makes me travel to new worlds.


I live a short bus ride from Arembepe beach, home of the Tropicalia and hippie movement. If you ever come to Bahia, please visit Camaçari, and let's eat acarajé!