Lúcio Oliveira (2)

Lúcio Oliveira

University Placement

Lúcio is an 18 years old student from the countryside of Betim who has as his main characteristic a love for knowledge. 

In 2019, he joined the Fundação de Ensino de Contagem, where he graduated as a technician in Digital Game Programming, developing a strong interest in technology. In addition, working with scientific initiations and independent research on the presence of anxiety disorder in his school community, it was possible to have a clearer vision of social impact, surfacing his critical sense and becoming more interested in leadership aspects.

After graduating, Lucius decided he still wanted to explore new paths and worlds before entering a university. During his sabbatical year, he joined social projects such as Code Lab and GEDUC – focused on improving Brazilian education -, and programs such as the Global Citizen Year Academy and LALA, where he has been deeply engaged and developed connections that make him reflect on himself and how to give to others.

Now, in his new position as Alumni Coordinator of the Mentorship Program, his goal is to contribute to expanding and maintaining the LALA mentorship culture, accompanying and caring for mentors and mentees in initiatives throughout the ecosystem.

7 Facts About Lúcio Oliveira


Although I love songs and listen to them all the time, I don’t know how to play any musical instrument.


Since 2019, I’m an avid volleyball player. It is my favorite sport and helps me a lot in my perception of teamwork!


I love riding the bus. Even if it is sometimes crowded, for me, there is nothing better than watching the different landscapes as it drives through the city.


It takes me about two hours to wash and do my hair, and I always cut it myself at home.


I am passionate about literary sagas such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson. Also, I love movies and books that have sad endings.


I LOVE to drink water, and on a normal day, I drink more than three liters.


I love caramelized onions or any food that is bittersweet!