Catherine Partridge

Catherine Partridge

Manager of Strategic Operations

Cat is an experienced programme manager who has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over 5 years. She’s from the UK but will soon be living in Medellin. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Development and has worked on various projects over the years in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Cat herself has gone through a leadership programme in London, which she says has shaped her into the person that she is today. She is deeply passionate about ensuring young people are given a platform to learn key employment and leadership skills to set them up for their transition into adulthood – especially those from underrepresented and/or underprivileged groups. Cat believes that education is key to reducing inequalities, and by focusing on supporting underrepresented groups, will unlock untapped potential of young people across the world.

The Manager of Strategic Operations will systematize people development, culture, and programmatic processes in the ecosystem and across the organization. They will lead the development of new programs and support the operations of other ecosystem programs. The mission is to support the development of LALA’s staff and students through the building, management, and continuous improvement of operational systems and structures to be implemented throughout the LALA ecosystem.

7 Facts About Catherine Partridge


My mum always has been and always will be my inspiration.


I love creating structure and being organized, however when it comes to cooking, I find it impossible to follow recipes!


I’m a qualified fitness instructor and especially love teaching spin classes!


I played drums for years and got to the highest level (Grade 8 in the U.K.). I’ve regrettably not practiced for years now, though, and I’m not quite sure I am the talented drummer I once was.


I am an advocate for creating equal opportunities in accessing employment and got to discuss this with regards to disabilities on national TV in the UK -


One day I would love to own my own florist and spend my days making beautiful bouquets!


I lived in Colombia 5 years ago and have been working towards getting back here ever since - a dream come true!