LALA’s young leaders are in need of guidance as they seek to improve their skills sets, make critical life decisions, and strengthen their social impact projects. For this reason, we are committed to building a culture of Mentorship inside LALA.

The Mentorship Program seek to generate value for both mentors and mentees. We aim to accelerate our LALídere's development and enhance the impact and sustainability of their projects. They are also navigating significant personal, educational, and career decisions, so having mentors and sounding boards can be a powerful resource.

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Our Mentorship Initiatives

LALA’s main Mentorship initiative is a 4-month cycle and opens twice a year (March and September), with a focus on personal, professional and holistic development.

Our goal is to offer our students multiple types of mentorship and connections with mentors according to their needs and challenges in different moments of their journeys and the different programs they are involved in our Community.

The Mentor

A mentor is a life guide who shares lessons from their accumulated experience and expertise in order to shed light on parts of life that are still uncharted territory for their young mentees. LALA Mentors and Mentees are matched with the intent to create connections on core values and aspirations and thus set the foundation for a successful mentorship relationship.

Meet Emerson Rocha (BLB5), from LALA to work with Marcelo Gleiser

“I remember I heard his name for the first time when my grandfather showed me a recently-purchased copy of his book "The Dancing Universe"—Marcelo Gleiser, Brazil’s greatest scientist. What I could hardly predict was that months later, thanks to LALA, I would be personally working for him. I bettered my leadership, communication, teamwork, and design skills through the Harvest Team, and later applied what I learned with Gleiser on his YouTube project alongside two other LALíderes, helping democratize science to an audience of 210K people (4K viewing simultaneously every hour), gaining 2MM views, launching merchandise and a membership program, and generating $12K in revenue- all in just 5 months of work. I cannot see this happening without the multidisciplinary preparation of LALA programs and mentors in my life.”