Karalea Davis, a crowdfunding master

Please meet LALA’s Crowdfunding Queen! Karalea is one of LALA’s Ambassadors who went above and beyond in her volunteer efforts to raise money for LALA’s Scholarship Fund in our December Crowdfunding Competition. Karalea put her charisma, network, and passion into crowdfunding and raised USD1,367 from 43 donors, all new to LALA! Please join us in thanking Karalea for her hard work in supporting our students!

Karalea Davis is from Philadelphia in the US. She has always had a passion for Latin America, including the culture and people that come with it. She studied in Rio de Janeiro and is currently working remotely as an Analytics Manager for a digital marketing agency named Seer Interactive. In her free time, she loves traveling, singing, taking salsa and bachata classes, and, most recently, practicing her (lack of) altinha skills. She feels most fulfilled by working with her wonderful LALA mentee and connecting with people from the places she visits and lives.

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