Aarati Rao is LALA’s new Director of MEL, Data & Technology

We are excited to introduce Aarati Rao, LALA’s new Director of MEL, Data, and Technology. In this role, Aarati will be leading impact measurement & continuous improvement efforts across all of LALA’s core and ecosystem programs. She will also build a strong foundation of sustainable data systems while finding & implementing appropriate technological solutions for efficiency and scale at LALA.

According to Aarati’s manager & LALA’s co-founder David Baptista, “Aarati is perfect for this role because of her dynamic command of strategic thinking, relationship building, and knowledge sharing. She has championed the importance of MEL at LALA and led us to embrace a strong data culture org-wide. Her future vision and commitment to the department bode well for our future.

In the past year and a half at LALA, Aarati brought more rigor to the impact measurement of core programs and did a phenomenal job of cross-program comparative analysis, and is currently designing LALA’s longitudinal impact measurement study. She also leads LALA’s Salesforce, DEIA, Internal Communications & Admissions Technology Strategy.

“I’m thrilled to apply my expertise in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning to further LALA‘s mission while having an opportunity to explore & expand my love for education, data and technology as a part of the LALA community.” – Aarati Rao, Director of MEL, Data & Technology.

Prior to joining LALA, she was an Education Pioneers fellow at Global Citizen Year, and before that, she worked at Teach for India and other education non-profits as an educator. Aarati holds a Master’s in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate school of Education.

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