The Ecosystem

The LALA Ecosystem

The LALA Ecosystem is a collection of programs and initiatives co-created with Alumni that focus on your leadership journey from the moment you join. We offer mentorship sessions, virtual learning clubs, career development programs, a support network of other amazing young leaders, and more!

The entry ticket to these development opportunities is participating in our Virtual Leadership Camps.

The Ecosystem is the main mechanism in LALA’s efforts to better support young Latin American leaders to reach their full potential through education. LALA aims to provide a socially-impactful, self-development environment that invites students into a lifelong learning community and journey.


5-day immersive leadership program


Lifelong access to development opportunities


Learn about some of the reasons why LALA is a unique space of growth for our young leaders

Membership in the LALA community

As part of the LALA community, you will gain continuous access to global development and scholarship opportunities, resources, and connections to support your growth after our program.

Create social impact projects

Work in small teams to develop innovative social impact projects, using Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship tools to tackle the problems you are most passionate about.

Develop new social-emotional skills

Understand more about your passions, values, and motivations. Improve your self-awareness, compassion, and empathy skills.

Gain valuable mentors for life

Have profound and genuine conversations and connections with inspirational leaders, social entrepreneurs, and educators who are already creating positive change in business, government, and education around Latin America.

Experience a tight-knit and productive cohort

Become part of a highly selective cohort of innovative young leaders who have a passion for positively impacting their communities. Learn more about yourself in your contact with others!

Ecosystem Initiatives

Attending a V-Camp is only the gateway to a holistic environment of opportunities. LALA provides internal and external initiatives and programs to its alumni that can continually help them in their leadership development journey. Once you attend a camp, always check your email and LALA’s communication channels for upcoming activities and the link for the LALA Ecosystem Application! Here you can find all of othe initiatives you can be part of after you attend a V-Camps. Click on the icons to learn more about these programs. You’ll find information regarding its objectives, duration, and the application process .

How can I join these initatives?

The application for our Ecosystem initiatives can only be done after the attendance at one of our V-Camps and through a Common Ecosystem Application during two periods - from December to February; and from July to August. The link to the Application System will be available on our site and our Social Media platforms during those timeframes. On LALA’s Ecosystem application, you will be able to rank your preference of which opportunities you’d like to participate in through a single form and then wait to see in which one you were accepted.

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