Thayná Luize

Thayná Luize

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

Thay is 20 years old, born and raised in a peripheral area of São Paulo – Brazil, and with many dreams and hopes. As a child everyone thought she would be a lawyer because she always defended (and created unsettling arguments) whoever needed the most, staying silent was simply not an option. From there came a huge passion for leadership, and although she is not a lawyer, advocating for others is still her biggest life mission. She studied administration, and logistics, and is now studying History at the Federal College of São Paulo, and she can’t imagine ever stopping to study. After LALA, she co-founded a social initiative that aims to democratize access to the learning and teaching of foreign languages for low-income people in Latin America called “Iniciativa Wanderlust”, while also inserting young people with potential into a network of support and opportunities.

As the AC for DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access) she contributes to DEIA goals to make LALA a safer, more inclusive, and diverse community for students, alumni, and staff; helps to promote and establish/build an organizational culture of inclusive communication, education, learning, and professional performance while enhancing the DEIA values at LALA through internal task forces and specific initiatives.

7 Facts About Thayná Luize


I’m super passionate about all types of art, and at 16 I won a federal literature contest and managed to publish my poem in a real book (yay!!)


I can understand ancient Greek, and this interest came through college but under the influence of being an avid fan of the Percy Jackson saga.


I can cook basically any dessert, but don't expect me to follow a recipe as I rely only on instinct and fate when measuring ingredients.


I've done more than 8 types of dance classes. I can't dance well even to save my life.


I love reading in one language, and listening to music in another language at the same time! Put your brains to work.


My first plane trip was going to another country for LALA (Mexico in 2019), alone, being a minor. Shall we talk about my parents' faith and trust? LOL


I used to write and post some things online, and in the mid-2000s my Harry Potter fanfic was one of the most read in Brazil.