Sol Petroni

Sol Petroni

Junior Manager for Communications

In Elementary School, a teacher once asked Sol’s classmates to write what they wanted to be when they grew up. Her answer was, “first, I want to sell cars (like my dad), then I want to be mayor and then become president.”. Back then, she believed running the country would solve the conflicts she saw in her community. Nowadays, her desire to tackle issues has transcended those of her community, and now she is a proud Latin American on a journey to solve the region’s most pressing conflicts.

Sol has participated in different social impact projects since the age of fifteen on issues like climate change, street harassment, and intercultural education. Those led her to LALA as she participated in a Leadership Bootcamp and the inaugural Academy. She majored in Social Communication at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina.

As Junior Manager for Communication, Sol takes over the management of current communication systems and content development. She also leads the long-term departmental strategy and accompanying structure development while also working with stakeholders across LALA to meet departmental communication needs.

7 Facts About Sol Petroni


My favorite thing to do is drink mate with my friends next to the Parana River in Rosario.


Although I’m now a vegetarian, I didn't eat any vegetables until the age of 15.


I have a cat named Mimitos ♥


My dream is to live in a city where I can get anywhere and any time of the day by riding a bike.


Ice cream is my favorite thing to eat.


Making people laugh brings me joy.


LALA is the place where I feel I belong.