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Pedro Felix

MEL, Data & Tech

Born in Rio Grande do Norte-Brazil, Pedro is passionate about two things in his life: science and people. Having the opportunity to serve his community at a young age, he could understand how the act of helping just a small group of people could impact and move the entire city. With this in mind, Pedro hopes to merge social impact and science by creating new sustainable technological tools that can help small groups of people in their work, life, or business.

As an Alumni Coordinator of  Data and Technology, Pedro’s job is to ensure that data processing and analysis are taking place as efficiently as possible. He is also responsible for providing all the technical support the organization needs that is exclusively related to data. Pedro’s main objective is to ensure that through the data it is possible to understand the negative and positive points in order to evolve through these insights.

7 Facts About Pedro Felix


I love anything with lemon, from savory to sweet dishes.


I’ve born on World Environment Day, and I like to relate that this is one of the reasons that I love to appreciate nature.


I have a fertile imagination, since I was a little boy I have always liked to imagine myself flying or having superpowers.


One of my hobbies is reading books when it's raining, with a hot latte while I imagine the landscape of science fiction and fantasy books.


I have the same last digit of age as my mother, brother, and father. For example, I’m 19 years old, my mother: is 49, my father: is 59, and my brother: is 29.


I enjoy learning about different things, if you want to talk with me about cryptocurrency but also about geopolitics, and science I will love it.


I love landscaping music, I get inspired by them ( I have a playlist with more than 50 landscaping music).