Lina Herrera

Lina Herrera

Manager of Development and Strategic Partnerships

Lina holds two bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and a master’s degree in International Development from IE University (Spain). She is passionate about sustainable development and social and environmental impact and has worked in multiple sustainability teams in the private and NGO sectors in Colombia. She has also been a volunteer working with young people on topics such as peace-building and reconciliation. Lina is convinced that education is the most powerful tool to transform a country and that the most efficient path to reducing inequalities in Latin America is by offering access to high-impact opportunities for vulnerable communities. Lina is very proud of her Colombian origin and is determined to work towards a more equitable continent.

7 Facts About Lina Herrera


I am in love with my country, and I feel very proud to be Colombian. I am determined to bring people to know it as much as I can!


I am crazy about potatoes. I like eating them in any presentation, and I could eat just potatoes for the rest of my life.


I am a Christmas sucker. It is (without a doubt) my favorite holiday and time of the year, and I go full-in when it comes to decoration and Christmas activities.


I love cooking and trying new recipes, but what I love the most is when somebody cooks me a dish that is special for them.


I love learning new things - from languages to new recipes to fun facts about anything.


"Friends" is my absolute favorite series of all time. I have watched it multiple times and already know a good deal of the dialogue.


My favorite artist in the world is Carlos Vives, and my favorite song is Quiero Verte Sonreir. I always put in my new year's vision board to meet him (but sadly, it hasn't happened - yet).