Jessica Pereira

Jessica Pereira

Manager of Admissions

Jessica is a young woman from the Brazilian Amazon, passionate about innovation and youth development. Connected to diverse causes, but especially in girls and women’s rights and regional socio-economic development. She developed her career in the public and third sectors in order to use these spaces to amplify impact. Passionate about volunteering, she has been part of several social organizations and is part of leadership networks. Her goal is to be a promoter of opportunities and social transformation.

7 Facts About Jessica Pereira


Passionate about social projects and volunteering, today I still volunteer in 4 other projects.


One of my favorite roles in life is being an aunt! It is amazing to be able to follow the experiences through the eyes of a child and he has brought that to our family.


I have an NGO in the Amazon region of Brazil, and I really want to contribute to young people in the community to be able to find development opportunities.


I really like "bad" movies, those that have no meaning or final message, it is good to have a hobby without pretension and to be able to laugh lightly.


It is very good to be able to know my form of communication and energy, that said 1:1 mentorships are the channels in which I feel most comfortable and free to share experiences and learnings.


I have been trying to learn other languages, today there are five on my progress list.


I don't have a particular sport, and I may not seem like the most willing person in that sense, haha, but I love sports and extreme adventures, so count me in.

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