Érika Soler

Érika Soler

Junior Legal Associate

Erika has worked in human rights and youth organizations in her city Bucaramanga, Colombia. She graduated from Law School and is currently finishing her specialization in Public Law. She has experience in the private sector (commercial contracts, data protection, compliance, and NDA) and in the public sector (human rights and security and protection programs for people in the process of reincorporation, social leaders, and victims of the internal armed conflict). Her professional goal is to impact her environment by developing innovative legal options that allow the development of youth leadership in Latin America.

7 Facts About Érika Soler


He loves to play the trumpet at the stadium to support his soccer team.


When she travels, her favorite tour is to go eat the traditional food of the place.


She is fascinated by reading about the impact of soccer on society.


She is learning to drive, be careful if you see her.


The way she wakes up is by listening to Latin music.


She listens to podcasts every morning to stay up to date.


Every year I go camping next to a river.