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Diana Poma

Operations Associate for HR

Diana is from Lima, Peru, a senior year law student led by the social impact in all its ways. She considers herself a curious learner and reader as well as a human being in the process to discover herself. Besides LALA, Diana recently joined an educational organization in Honduras as a part of the council to boost their development in the continent. Furthermore, she is moved by social change and is interested in working for children and women, her biggest dream is to create an NGO for them.  As a young Latino American woman, she has been always working to achieve her goals, she knows she found in LALA a place where she can combine her passion for change and her professional experience.

As an Operations Associate for HR, Diana is responsible for owning the Human Resources operational processes from back to back. She has control over the legal, financial and organizational access information regarding all the staff that provides services to LALA in all regions and in all positions across the organization. 

7 Facts About Diana Poma


I speak almost 4 languages: Spanish, English, French, and a little Portuguese.


I’m a first-generation, the first woman in all my familiar history to attend university, and the first from my maternal family, such a blessing and honor.


There is nothing I love more in the world than desserts and Peruvian food.


I’m a big fan of Harry Potter. Invite me to a marathon to watch the movies or read the books together (I have read three times all the saga by the way).


I love writing and one day I will publish my book.


I’m doing my thesis about Peruvian indigenous communities and their collective rights and how the state protects them, a vision from social conflicts.


I love my family and admire my mom Adriana. She is the most warrior, brave, intelligent, amazing, and lovely person on earth. She is my biggest inspiration in life.