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Andressa Reis


Andressa is a 19-year-old Brazilian, born in the south of the country and passionate about its country. She is currently in her second year at the College of Architecture and Urbanism and finishing her degree in Design. She is passionate about education, creativity, youth empowerment, and communication: one of her biggest dreams is to inspire a change in the lives of young people by combining education and creativity, as she did.

In 2019, she was a finalist in the Young Ambassadors program at the American Embassy in Brazil, participating in the English Immersion Program in Brasília, Brazil. Her journey at LALA began at the end of that same year. In December, she participated in MLB2 in Mexico City, where she fell in love with the ideals, mission, and goals of the Latin American Leadership Academy. In 2022, Andressa joined the team as Alumni Coordinator for Social Media: uniting her two biggest passions, LALA, and creativity. And that same year, she participated in VLB18 as a Coach.

She is fascinated by Design and solutions that make people’s lives easier and believes in the power of stories, images, and their ability to influence and inspire people. Your goals as AC are to encourage and generate a meaningful impact in the life of young people by designing powerful stories and bringing a new perspective on what impact visual communication can make. 

7 Facts About Andressa Reis


Her favorite dessert is Torta de Bolacha.


Andressa is passionate about creating real connections and deep conversations.


Music is her passion, she loves creating playlists for different moments in her life.


She began participating in volunteer projects at the age of eleven, inspired by her father.


She loves to play roleplaying games and games that you can create houses and cities.


Her favorite sport is swimming: if she could, she would be a fish.


One of her dreams is to know all Latin American countries and their different cultures.