Alan Rodrigues

Alan Rodrigues

Operational Legal Consultant

Alan is a 22-year-old lawyer, LALíder since 2019, he is from the first generation of his family to go to university, he grew up in a rural community in the interior of Piauí, Brazil, he graduated in Law and passed the 37th Bar Exam of the Brazilian Bar Association at the age of 21, on his first attempt. He specializes in Public Law and is a postgraduate student at the FGV São Paulo Law School, with an interest in Constitutional Law, Tax Law and Civil Procedural Law. He worked for four years as a special advisor to the Governor of the State of Piauí on youth issues and was a trainee at the Piauí Court of Justice. As LALA’s Operational Legal Advisor, Alan is responsible for researching, mapping and recommending the certificates that LALA Brazil would most benefit from having for tax exemption (or discount) and fundraising purposes.

7 Facts About Alan Rodrigues


I like to travel a lot.


I really like listening to music.


I'm a fan of Korean dramas.


I am an anti-racism activist.


I was born on September 11, 2001


I love seeing the view from an airplane window or from the top floor of a large building.


I'm a practical person, inclined to solve problems, I don't tend to despair easily.