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Marcos Cremasco

Ecosystem, Opportunities and Alumni Engagement

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Marcos is an 18-year-old guy passionate about the power of education. Studying in the suburbs for most of his life, he had a chance to do high-school education at one of the best schools in Brazil, after getting a merit scholarship there. Since then, Marcos has been advocating for a high-quality education for everyone. 

As an Alumni Coordinator for Operations at LALA, Marcos’s work is to make sure everything is working well in the Alumni Engagement department. From events and opportunities to promotions, he is always striving to keep our alumni engaged with the LALA ecosystem. Marcos is also the leader of the Opportunities Team at LALA, which means that one of his biggest goals is to share as many meaningful opportunities as possible within the LALA community.

7 Facts About Marcos Cremasco


When I was a kid, I used to work alongside my father selling homemade cakes in the streets.


I really love animals and I simply cannot resist playing with any dog/cat that I find. Plus, I have 6 cats!


I love listening to music. Whether I’m working, studying, eating, or walking, I’m always with my earphones on and I feel like every moment of my life could be described in one song that I like.


I LOVE watching animes in my free time! My favorite ones are Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen. Btw, if you have any recommendations, hit me up!


Alongside a friend, I created the first Political Sciences Olympiad in Brazil, OBCPD. Over the course of two years, we could already impact thousands of Brazilian students!!


I’m very very shy sometimes.


I love making new friends.