Gabriel Xavier

Gabriel Xavier


Gabriel Xavier is 19-year-old young, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, but currently living in the United States. An aspiring educator passionate about politics, languages, music, and making people smile. Xavier attended BLB9 in 2019 and, since then, has been involved with LALA, working as a Coach and a Trainee Manager at different camps and being part of the admissions team for two years, both as an admissions officer and an admissions officer coordinator. Outside of LALA, as a student at UWC USA, a boarding school in New Mexico whose mission is to make education a force for peace, he discovered his true passion for education by joining the Student Wellbeing Educational and Empowerment Team and having the chance to study and teach alongside young people from over 90 countries.

7 Facts About Gabriel Xavier


I love learning new languages, and I have the life goal of learning ten languages throughout my life (I currently speak five).


When I was a kid, my favorite game was "school," where I gathered my friends and pretended I was a teacher.


At the age of 14, I got elected to represent the State of São Paulo for two years as a young parliamentarian for MERCOSUR.


I grew up going to a music conservatory, where I studied Cello performance, Music theory, and Harmony, and got to perform multiple times in the cool theaters in São Paulo like "Sala São Paulo" and "Teatro Municipal."


I love mountain biking, and one of my life goals is to do the Great Divide route, which goes all the way from Canada to the border US-Mexico.


I have two younger sisters (they are twins), and everything I do today is for them.


I love writing songs, and my favorite song ever written was about my experience with my LALA camp in 2019.