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Estela Naula

Admission Junior Manager

Estela is the Admission Junior Manager at Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA). She graduated from Westminster College with a Spanish major and Business Communications minor under the MasterCard Scholarship. Estela Naula is also a class of 2014 at African Leadership Academy, where she received several awards and honors, such as the 2015 Bezos Scholar and the 2018 ALA Decennial Indaba as a Servant Leadership to the Alumni Community. Estela is passionate about helping children, women, and young people have access to education, knowledge, and opportunities that will allow them to work on the challenges that bring frustration in their lives. At the age of 12, together with her father (family), they built and opened a school that has helped over 1 thousand unprivileged children learn how to read and write. Pre-Pandemic, she founded Micro$Opua, a Private venture that helps women start businesses and become financially independent.

​Estela works as Admission Junior Manager, Project Manager for the Fundraising Project, and Team Member for the Family Engagement Program.

7 Facts About Estela Naula


Love is beautiful. I see love and compassion as my core values. In everything I do and with all the people I meet, I ensure to share a bit of love by sending gifts, smiling, and just being me :)


I am a giver, coming from a remote area in Lichinga, Mozambique, and now living a completely different life it's a gift. Now I have more pillowcases in my bed. I have 3 meals a day. As a woman, I get more freedom to make my own choices, and that's why gratitude will always be one of my values.


I love traveling, I have traveled to 7 countries, and I feel like I should travel to more places because it allows me to learn more and experience different vibes.


My passion for young people and women, especially in financial education it's crazy. I will always work on social projects, whether it's building a school to help children in my community learn how to read and write or working with women on micro-finance tools so they can become financially independent. I am obsessed, in love, and with a burden passion for entrepreneurship in young people and women.


I am in love with learning languages. After learning English at the end of 2014, I found languages as a way to have a better understanding of myself and other people. When I got to the United States, I fell in love with Spanish. All the telenovela songs and Latin American songs were in my heart.


I use music to deal with emotions, whether I am taking a long bath, having a date with myself, or even when I am doing karaoke in my room. Music allows me to travel into space where I can connect with my feelings.


I am in love with dance. I don't remember when I did fall in love with Afrobeats, but I know how different styles of music/dance make me feel alive :)