Antonio Rodriguez

Story Officer

Antonio Rodriguez is a writer/educator/organizer from New York City currently living in Medellin, Colombia. For over 2 decades, he has explored how story craft and intergroup dialogue can be used to achieve social impact with school districts, Fortune 500 companies, crisis communities, and NGOs around the world. He’s currently obsessed with how to create impact systems that make impact systems. Some keywords: Harvard Kennedy School, the Posse Foundation, bigSTORY, Skid Row Community Improvement Coalition, Beloved Community.

Antonio leads the instructional design of bootcamps, v-camps, and various aspects of the larger ecosystem. He is deeply committed to collaboratively architecting the heart and soul of the org.

7 Facts About Antonio Rodriguez


I kickboxed competitively at a legendary Muay Thai gym for years, though I am quite the pacifist now.


I am lovingly married to my Shadow.


Trying to be a world-class son to my 84 yr old father and 73 yr old mother (who are still sensational salsa dancers, by the way).


Top 3 current Leadership influences: Thich Nhat Hahn, Martin Luther King, Jocko Willink.


I am currently developing a children's tv series that is bursting with LALA elements.


I'm grateful to be safe and well, but when will we all be able to dance again?


I think "what is something you know you should be doing but aren't doing?" is one of the 3 greatest questions in human history.