Applicants' Resources

BIPOC Applicants

LALA understands that the pathways to opportunity in Latin America are broken for most, but especially for BIPOC people. As part of our DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access) efforts, the Application Support Program was created by the community to directly remove barriers of access for black and indigenous youth and support them in their application process to LALA. Through the program, youth learn to value and articulate their stories, get support from mentors who have been through LALA's application process and receive tools and resources to become even more powerful young leaders. The program has placed over 59 students in LALA so far and happens every Bootcamp season. If you are part of these communities, you can sign up for this program when our Camps' applications open. Follow us on Social Media for more updates!

Financial Aid

LALA has a need-blind admission process and need-based scholarships, which means that we want to accept applicants regardless of their economical situation. If you need a scholarship to attend the camp, please refer to our team of financial assistance in your Single Form Application. The scholarships are granted from the income declared in the application process. If the amount is not feasible yet, we truly recommend the students to commit to the Fundraising Program.

Students who are unable to participate in the program or who do not achieve the desired revenue, will have their cases reviewed individually by the Financial Aid team. We will add the justifications presented by the students to their fundraising performance when awarding new scholarships.

Fundraising Program

Still, need help in the process of gathering money for your Camp fees? We highly encourage you to develop fundraising, and we also offer you the support of a team. Wait for the announcement of this fundraising program. This 4-weeks mentorship and guidance program ensures that money is not a barrier for students to achieve their goals and that they can have a community to rely on through this journey. Groups of 8-10 students have a mentor (LALíder) who provides extra support, and the Program Coordinator hosts the webinars and guides the entire program.

The goal of the program is not only to raise money to attend the V-Camp but also to ensure the students will gain skills in fundraising that they can use in the future and share with others.

Family Support Program

We know LALA can be a handful to understand at first, especially for parents and guardians. The Family Engagement Program’s goal is to reach guardians/parents, provide quality information about LALA, support families, and continue to provide support once your student is in the LALA Community. We recognize that our outstanding students come from amazing families, and we want to come alongside all of you to encourage and develop your student’s talents and skills. As guardians and parents, we recognize that it takes a community to grow and inspire future leaders who will change the world. Please check our exclusive page for guardians or specific information on LALA's initiatives.