LALA Internship Program

LALA Internship Program

LALA Internship Program is a unique opportunity for LALA alumni to gain relevant work experience and for companies and organizations to access a diverse network of young protagonist leaders. The program lasts for 6 months. It starts with a 4 to 8-week training that aims to prepare participants for the professional world. Also, they receive guidance throughout and after the program. Once a partner organization selects participants, they work remotely during 6-12 weeks on a project.

If you or the company you work at are interested on having a LALA alumni joining their team, please send an email to [email protected]

What type of internship can an Alumni get?

Communications & Social Media

Develop an advertising campaign for an initiative, design, or writing.


Plan, execute, and facilitate workshops or virtual events.


Project management, operation, and administration, organization, people relationships, commitment.


Create processes and tools for data collection and analysis.

Alumni NPS
Career Partners NPS
Internships awarded
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Career partner organizations

The Career Internship is a unique opportunity that connects young LALA alumni with paid work opportunities in the world's most amazing companies and nonprofits.

In 1 year the Program generated direct income for alumni of more than

USD 55.000,00

Partners Organizations

Partners & Alumni Testimonies

Cecilia Luz

BLB1, Brazil

A great start to young students who are looking for a first job experience in companies that are aligned with their values.

Bianca Freire

BLB3, Brazil

It truly made me grow professionally and academically in a safe, nurturing environment. It was essential to my development and entry into the market.

Aline Montenegro

ALB1, Brazil

It helped me connect with a person who is a role model for me and get important experience that will surely help me with my current and future projects.

Luiza Serpa

Instituto Phi

The enthusiasm and dedication were incredible. The material generated also made it possible for the entire team to learn and will be used for future actions.

Flávia Sato

Academia Soul

The 3 alumni who are working with us are 100% aligned with our culture: they are responsible, organized, and extremely careful with their activities.

University Placement &
V-Camp Staff

Applications are now open for the University Placement initiative, our support program for low-income youth who wants to apply to U.S. universities, and V-Camp Staff Team.

P.S.: This opportunity is for LALeaders only. You must have successfully completed a LALA Camp to apply.